Om partnersamarbejdet med KPMG, Acor Tax

KPMG Acor Tax – Together, we solve tax matters

We are an independent tax consulting company with offices in Hellerup and Aarhus. We are part of KPMG’s global network, and our employees as well as our clients get the best of two worlds: the agile and focused personality of an independent firm and the power of a global one.


Since the establishment of our firm back in 2014, our focus has been on innovation and finding sustainable and pragmatical solutions for complex tax matters. Today, we are a team of almost 200 dedicated and highly skilled partners and employees with seventeen different nationalities and with various skills and backgrounds.


We foster a learning environment with room to grow, so you can develop your skills and push the boundaries of what is possible. We are committed to ensure your professional development and make our collaborative culture bring out the best in you. You will work shoulder by shoulder with highly-skilled colleagues and to ensure you’ll get the best possible start, we will match you up with a buddy to become knowledgeable about our firm and our culture.


We like to say that we are entrepreneurs as well as advisors, since we know how to cut through complexity, invent new ideas and processes and turning traditional business areas upside down.